Проект 7-ми километър

За проекта

Сградата е закупена през 1997 год. и през 2017 е финализиран архитектурен проект за ремонт и реконструкция.

Относно инвеститора HI TECH 2000

“ХАЙ ТЕК 2000” е дружество с ограничена отговорност, с едноличен собственик на капитала “ЕС ГРУП ИНТЕРНЕШЪНАЛ” АД.

Компанията е създадена през 1995 година с регистриран и внесен капитал в размер 102 000 лева.

Компанията е със седалище и управление в гр. София и се представлява от Управителя Нели Симеонова.

Основният предмет на дейност е инвестиции в недвижими имоти и тяхното управление.

До средата на 2017 направените от компанията инвестиции са в размер на над 5 милиона евро.

Подробни детайли за проекта

Base rent per sq. m per month (office areas)TBD
Base rent per sq. m per month (warehouse areas)TBD
Service charge per sq. m per monthTBD
Expences, included in the service charge: 
● Electricity - common areas (yes/no)yes
·          Security - common areas (yes/no)yes
Please, specify the kind of security provided: 
24/7 physical (yes/no)yes
24/7 video surveillance(yes/no)yes
Internal video system (video-intercom) (yes/no)yes
SOT (yes/no)yes
Controlled access with personal cards (yes/no)yes
·          Maintenance of the common areasyes
·          Door manyes
·     Heating - common areasyes
·     Air-conditioning - common areasyes
·          Maintenance of the rented areas no
·          Reception yes
Utilities (please, specify which ones are included in the rent price) 
Expences in the rented premises: 
·          Water (yes/no)no
·     Electricity (yes/no)no
·          Telephone bills (yes/no)no
·       Heating and Cooling (yes/no)no
Rent price per parking lot per month 
·         Underground parkingn/a
·          Open-air parking60 Euro per lot per month without VAT
Name of the buildingHi Tech 2000
Address7km Tsarigradsko shoshe Blvd., district Mladost, Sofia - Bulgaria
InvestorHi Tech 2000 Ltd.
Construction CompanyMirat Group Ltd.
Other tenants in the buildingVIP Security Ltd.
TBA (sq. m)5 254 sq.m.
Floors (Please, specify the number of the floors, as well as what they are used for - for example retail, office, residential)3 levels
Minimum lettable area per floor (for one lessee)500 sq.m.
Maximum lettable area on one floornot limited
Available Net lettable area per floor Ground floor Open space office - includes 2 levels
 1. first level - 500 sq.m. (office height - 2.90m)
 2. second level - 450 sq.m. (office height - 2.90m)
 Level ± 0.00m warehouses - 300 sq.m. (height - 6.00m)
 Level +2.40m - not lettable
 Level +6.00m - 1 000 sq.m. (office height - 5.85m)
Common areas (%)12%
Lay out (partitioned/open space)Semi - open space & option to be partitioned
Standard fit-out, included in the price: 
- raised (yes/no)
- type of flooring"No. Anti-microbial Carpet tiles. Raised floor is an option subject to discussion.
Partitioning of the premises Some
Suspedned ceiling (yes/no)Yes - partially according to design.
Service roomsYes
Lighting fixtures (please, specify their power characteristics)Yes
Windows/Window frames (type, openable or not)Aluminum / semi openable
Computer cabling (type)Cat 6.
Air-conditioning (type)Yes
Electricity (additional generators and power back-up systems) 
Fire and smoke detectors (fire-alarm system)Yes
Elevators (number, type, capacity)2 elevators Orona / 8 people each - 630 kgs.
Parking - underground/open-air (number of lots)open air - 60 lots
Additional equipmentVRV Systems
Standard Lease agreement (do you have one)yes
Lease term (minimum length)TBA
Deposit/Bank Gurantee (number of months)2 month's rents deposit at Lease agreement signing
Brochures/Other marketing materials (Are you able to provide such)n/a
Date of opening/Month and year of constructionCompletion date - October 2018